Things I LOVE lately.

  1. Love, love, love your sale banner! Also, love me some Luke Bryan!

    Fun in First Grade!

  2. Gladys says:

    "lick my phone screen"..hilarious! I literally LOL'd! Thanks for the laugh! And happy Teacher Appreciation Week to you! 🙂


  3. Alisha Colon says:

    Hi Abby!

    What's your favorite way to use the Almond Milk? In a smoothie? Any recipes you can share? I've been tempted to buy some- now I just might!

    Happy Monday!

    First Grade Follies

  4. Beth Stinson says:

    I love almond milk too! It's great in protein shakes and other smoothies. I also use it every night for my overnight oats.

  5. Michaela says:

    i LOVE Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk too!! It's soo good in a smoothie too. Frozen Fruit Mixture+Frozen banana+almond milk= PURE DELIGHT! YUM!

  6. Natalie Kay says:

    Haha!! Licking your phone – so funny!! Thanks for the shout out!!

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