Ten Favorite Pumpkin Books and Activities - Babbling Abby
I'm sharing TEN of my favorite pumpkin books and activities that will fit right into your curriculum whether you teach pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, or second grade. Each book shown below matches with a set of paired activities, so that your lesson plans are ready to roll and you can simply teach!  They're Common Core standards-aligned, focused on comprehension and vocabulary, and include three differentiated assessments. BOOM DONE

Ten Favorite Pumpkin Books and Activities

  1. […] my favorite, there are several others pumpkin-themed books that I adore, too. Be sure to check out this post for some great reads to add to your classroom library this year, along with some great activities to […]

  2. […] the month approaches, but for now it’s everything pumpkin. Here are my FAVORITES along with a whole post about paired activities that work well with […]

  3. […] activity also pairs great with a number of amazing pumpkin-themed picture books. I wrote this post about all of my favorites and it includes LOTS of ELA activities you can pair with […]

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