Impossible Pie is an impossibly easy recipe to make and includes simple ingredients like Bisquick, eggs, vanilla, sugar, and coconut. This easy dessert is flavorful, with a custard-like filling. It's incredibly easy to bake and delicious served warm or cooled.

Impossible Pie

  1. Alison says:

    Dear Abby,
    I have been thinking about your post since I received it in my inbox and look I didn’t know whether to comment but here I go please don’t be offended . . . We live in New Zealand and travel often and spend quite a bit of time in Australia, Europe and the USA and we just find US food too sweet and I know this is well known internationally. I imagine when the recipe was written it would have been before the big anti-fat and therefore this lead to add sugar campaign in the US. I have 3 teenage children and they struggle in the US with the sugar levels of so many foods – even the bread, let alone breakfast cereals. As a teacher, I am shocked by how often US teachers post activities with sweets this just would not be allowed in NZ or Australia. I am sorry to say all of this and hope I haven’t offended you but I suppose I just maybe wanted to make you aware. Kind regards, Alison

    • Abby says:

      I love sweets and have so many memories tied into baking and enjoying food growing up! This particular recipe for sure wasn’t posted for teachers to use in their classrooms, but as a treat in their homes. In moderation, I believe baking and sweet treats are perfectly fine! No offense taken – do what’s best for you and your family <3

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