Big Smelly Bear Video Read-Aloud and Activities - Babbling Abby
This post shares a Big Smelly Bear video read-aloud and activities to use alongside the book. Your children or students will love watching the story come to life, in addition to completing several thematic activities. It’s perfect for distance learning instruction, and helpful for parents as teachers, too! #parentsasteachers #freeprintables #kidlit #videolesson #ELA #pointofview #math #NTI #distancelearning #preschool #kindergarten #firstgrade #secondgrade #babblingabby

Big Smelly Bear Video Read-Aloud and Activities

  1. Jennifer Sellon says:

    So fun! Love that book❤️

  2. Eve says:

    Your kids are adorable… your daughters hair reminds me of mine! Try Aussie curly hair products and Hask. You’ll love them! Thanks for taking the time to share your posts, I’ve sent some of the ideas to my kindergarteners parents. ❤️

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