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Teaching my students about adjectives and verbs was SO fun with this activity! To prepare for them for this SUPER fun and ENGAGING activity, I explained that they would be using their five sense to experience popcorn – from the popping, to the smelling, to the tasting – I really wanted them to pay attention […]

Teaching Adjectives and Verbs

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The center struggle is REAL, y’all. Kids ADORE them, and – don’t get me wrong – I love a good, solid center, too.  But, sometimes the prep gets a little…hmmm…tedious? Or, maybe it’s 5:55am and you or your little one comes down with something dreadful and you’re like Ah! I need something QUICK for my sub! Or […]

20 Clipboard Activities for Kindergarten and First Grade

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I’m convinced you can make a theme around anything, so this week Becks and I are doing a thematic study of CORN. This may sound completely uninteresting, if not flat out boring, but CORN IS COOL, y’all. Here’s a snapshot of our week. You can click the graphics to HERE to download. Cover graphics within […]

A Thematic Study of Corn

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