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Are you looking forward to celebrating Read Across America with your students this year? Then you will LOVE this Celebrate Reading Activity pack that includes bookmarks, book reviews, book reports and book activities. These non-traditional and high interest activities will help your students reflect about their reading, encourage others to check out their favorite books, and share their love for reading with their friends and classmates!

They are the perfect addition to your writing center or writer’s workshop, small group activities, or literacy centers. They are hands-on, fun, and engaging. They’re also extremely low prep – most are just print and go!

Who would benefit from these book reports, book reviews, book marks and book activities?

  • Kindergarten and first grade students with support
  • Second grade, third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade students
  • Students who love to read and want to share their love with others
  • Reluctant readers who may need extra support to engage in reading
  • Teachers who want to engage their students in thinking about and reflecting about books and reading!

Check out the PREVIEW to see each activity in more detail!

There are seven different activities included:

Why You Should Read Me Tabbed Book

These tab books are perfect for mini book reports. Each section provides the child a space to elaborate in response to the directions beneath each tab.

Pick Me! Bookmarks

Choose from one of three different styles of this bookmark: dotted-line, unlined, and lined! Students choose a book, critique the book and write a few sentences to review the book, and then slip it back into book for a friend to find and use once he or she has chosen the book based on the review!

Pick Me! Pick Me! Sticky Notes

This is a VERY easy way for a child to provide feedback on a book he or she has finished reading. Simply print off the included template onto a page of sticky notes (printing template included) and, voila, your kiddos can instantly provide mini critiques or teasers of their favorite books!

Favorite Book Love Notes

Want to show your favorite books some love? This little activity is a great way to do just that! Provide kiddos the included templates and have them write a little note about why they LOVE the book and why they think another reader might love it, too! Step-by-step assembly instructions included.

If This Book Could Talk Foldable

Make double-sided copies of the templates to create this fun foldable that provides a little perspective from the book! On the inside of the foldable (pictured at right), kiddos will write why the book thinks it should be read by others! Add a popsicle stick to the back and stick the review inside the book (works well for chapter books since they’re smaller), or simply fold the back part behind the front cover!

Giant Sized Emoji Bookmarks

What’s life right now without a little emoji action?! J This is another fun way for students to provide a more lengthy explanation of why a friend should read a book, as it’s HUGE (they can always write on the back if they run out of space on the front, too)! Plus, the emoji explanation is a fun visual for how the book made the student feel. Afterward, add a fun ribbon embellishment if you wish, and then the student should place this bookmark in the book for a friend to find. The friend can then use the review to help him/her decide if the book is a good fit!

Reader Report and A Reader Profile

These flip books are a fun way to learn more about your readers! The Reader Report gives your students the opportunity to choose a book, tell about it book-report style, and then review it. A Reader’s Report tells about the students as a readers – they can draw a picture, tell why they read, why they believe reading is important, and then discuss book recommendations and write a review of one of those books. These activities are a great way to learn more about your students as readers!


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