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Teaching students to make inferences can seem like a very complicated thing in teaching because it combines a few skills. There are some key skills that help build reading comprehension, one of which is inferencing. It is important for students to use visual and text clues to draw inferences while reading. This skill transfers directly […]

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Within the past few years, many students have fallen behind with their letter identification and recognition skills. Whether it was because of missed school days, sickness, the pandemic or personal reasons, academia has seen a decline in phonics skills. Building that mastery back up doesn’t have to be complicated! There are many ways to practice […]

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Since we’re halfway through November and getting ever closer to Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share a compilation of my November and Thanksgiving resources. Kids enjoy being engaged in a themed activity and some of these could be life savers for you this fall. I have a collection of anchor charts, math and literacy materials, read […]

Practice short vowels with these fun and engaging activities for kindergarten and first grade. #babblingabby #shortvowels #cvc #cvcwords #centers #kindergarten #firstgrade babblingabby.net

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Kindergartners’ and First Graders’ primary literacy focus is to master short vowels in words while reading text and writing their own thoughts. Gaining this independence in skills takes quite a bit of repetition and practice. I’ve found the best way to encourage fluency in these skills is to incorporate fun, yet consistent activities and games […]


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