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Informational Non-Fiction Text Activities for First and Second Grade

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This is a bundle activities to help students share facts about the seasonally-themed topics listed below. Students collect and organize information on the provided graphic organizers and then past into a Fact File to store all of their facts. Fact Files are a great addition to your current non-fiction studies!

 What is a Fact File?
A Fact File is a student-generated resource used to record and store information about a particular topic, using the guidance of the templates included within. Each template is pasted into a file folder to help students organize and collect information about a given topic.

Each Fact File contains the following elements to help guide the student’s exploration and study of a particular topic:

– What do you know about.. web (complete before study formally begins)

– Questions I Have About.. template (complete before and during study)

– Fact Cards + Fact Card Pocket

– Sticky Note Spot

 – Vocabulary Envelope

– Directed List space

– Diagram drawing spot

– Collection Pocket

You can check out the themes included in each pack by following the links below:

October Fact Files

November Fact Files

December Fact Files

January Fact Files

Februrary Fact Files

March Fact Files

April Fact Files

May Fact Files

Please Note: This is not a lesson plan and does not include activities, book suggestions, or lessons for completing the Fact File.


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