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Winter Activity Making Inferences Snow Day Investigation



Looking for a fun, meaningful, and engaging way to teach your students about making inferences this winter? This activity is perfect to do during the chilly months, or even in the weeks leading up to Christmas break. Your students will enjoy getting to investigate, infer, and make predications based on various clues and evidence. A detailed lesson plan is included to help making planning this activity a breeze!

By investigating “Snow Day Case Files” students will sort through evidence to determine what the main characters in a mini-story did during a snow day. As “Inference Investigators,” students are encouraged to make inferences based on the clues in the evidence. This printable includes a 4-page, detailed lesson plan (with pictures) to allow you to successfully accomplish this activity with your students.

In addition to the lesson plan, you will find activity resources, a graphic organizer, recording sheets AND as a little bonus, several great *posters* for teaching inferring.

Disclaimer: please note, some “assembly” is required, in that you will have to find the “evidence” to use in your case files. Please the video in this blog post for further explanation: http://theinspiredapple.net/2017/01/activities-lesson-plans-teach-inferencing.html)


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