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Interactive Literacy Notebook Thematic Supplements {Turkeys & Thanksgiving}



Hi, Teacher Friends!

Interactive Notebooks are all the rage right now! They’re a great way to make instruction engaging and personal to the individual student. Further, they serve as a great reference tool for students to use when reviewing content and reflecting upon their learning. And, the added bonus? It’s a perfect tool for collecting data on your students – everything from mastering curriculum to assessing a specific standard to noting handwriting/spelling/grammar to keeping work bound and organized in one place!

This resource is a thematic supplement to your existing Interactive Literacy Notebook and is specific to informational texts about turkeys and the first Thanksgiving. If you are not using Interactive Notebooks, you could always cut and paste the activities on construction paper. Please note, I do not currently sell an interactive literacy notebook.

The standards addressed include those that fall under Reading: Informational in grades K-3. Obviously the text you choose will depend on your grade level and will vary In complexity, as will your expectations for your students. Kindergarteners will require more prompting, support, and modeling, as suggested in the standards. (At this point in the year, a whole-group collaborative notebook may be a better option for K). First graders may draw more pictures and fewer words, whereas more proficient writers in 2nd and 3rd will write and draw more elaborately. As always, use this resource as it bests suits you and your students!

Thanks and enjoy!

Babbling Abby 🙂


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