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Math Games for Number Development | Number Sense



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Please read the full description and view the preview before purchasing 🙂

This game pack was designed to help your little “mathemagicians” establish a stronger number sense. Each of the EIGHT games included is simple enough for independent or partner play, requires very little prep, and uses manipulatives you should already have in your classroom or those included. Further, each game can be played in multiple ways AND differentiated for maximizing your instruction! Be sure to check out the PREVIEW for an in depth look at what you can find inside this fun and comprehensive number development resource!

Here are the math skill set(s) addressed in each game:

Race to 20/50/100/120: counting number names and the count sequence.

Balloon Blow Out: subitizing, count to tell the number of objects

Scoops of Fun: counting number names and the count sequence.

Spin and Stack: Understand addition as putting together and adding to, and understand subtraction as taking apart and taking from

Stick it To Me: making ten

Hoop it Up: Comparing Numbers

Beachball Bounce: Using a number line to count on and back

Penny Pinchers: subitize quantities of dots from 1-10

This resource would also work great for remediation for students struggling with number sense in second grade, too, or any type of intervention work!

Disclaimer: This resource was formerly found in Deanna Jump’s store and branded as Mathemagicians: Low Prep Games for Number Development, not to be confused with Mathemagicians: Low Prep Games for Addition, a product she currently has in her store. The work within this resource is all my own work. Please do NOT purchase this resource if you formerly purchased it through her shop 🙂


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