R-controlled Vowel Lesson for teaching /ar/ in kindergarten and first grade



Teaching /ar/ has never been more fun than when you get your pirate booty in gear to teach with the help of Pirate Mark! Of course, Pirate Mark throws out lots of “aaarghs!” which help your primary students learn to read and write /ar/ words 🙂

Included in this 38 page printable are…
– Pirate Mark book p.3-9
– Pirate Mark sentence strip cut-outs p.9-16
– Recording Sheet for listening activity p.17
– Pirate Mark single page poem p.18
– Literacy Center Game p.19-22
– Art Project Templates p.23-26
– Whole Group Treasure Hunt Activity p.27-30
– Pirate Mark /ar/ Reminder Picture p.31
– Sample Lesson Plan p.32
– Art Project Idea p.33
– Treasure Hunt Activity p.34-35
– Pirate Mark book assembly p.36
– Acknowledgements p.37
– Contact p.38

PLEASE NOTE: You *must* have the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader to properly view this printable. If you’re a Mac user, you need Adobe Reader X. Thanks!


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