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Small Group Staples: Phonemic Awareness Intervention Curriculum



Hey, Teacher Friends!

Small Group Staples was developed after we realized how often we found ourselves scrambling for small group activities for Guided Reading and RTI that were engaging, meaningful, and efficient in instruction and assessment. After a few brainstorm sessions, we decided we wanted something that would be as all-inclusive as possible – from start to finish! With a little bit of preparation on the front end, this resource will equip you to deliver lessons to your emergent readers with an emphasis on Phonemic Awareness as outlined in the Common Core Standards.

While we chose to work primarily with Kindergarten Reading Foundational Standards, this resource could easily be used for First Grade and remediation in Second Grade. {See page 12 for standards aligned to each grade level}. Further, each activity can be transferred from small group instruction to an independent center once procedures are taught! Bonus!

Be sure to download the PREVIEW to see the components of this resource, including everything from organization to lesson plans to exit slips. Hopefully, you find Small Group Staple: Phonemic Awareness to be comprehensive, effective, and essential to your small group time!

Abby & Rebecca

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