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The Sweetheart Snatcher



Hey, Sweet Teacher Friends!

The Sweetheart Snatcher is an engaging activity to use around Valentines Day in February. This pack includes multiple curriculum connections that could be used in correspondence with this activity, but allows you to do as little or as much as you want with your particular class. Feel free to use the optional lesson plan included, or adapt it to suit the needs of your students. It will also add to any candy heart activities you do to celebrate the season – i.e. graphing, sorting, etc.

During the hunt, students are encouraged to either make predictions or inferences. Afterwards, you may complete any or all of the extension activities included.

Above all, celebrate the sweetness of the season with your students and have fun! Your kiddos will LOVE the thrill of the hunt!

~ Abby �¯ï¿½ï¿½

Table of Contents
Optional Lesson Plan (p.3-5)
Envelope Clue Labels (p.6)
Discussion Questions (p.7)
Clues (p.8-13)
Visualization Illustration Activities (p.14-15)
Making Predictions Mini-book (p.16-17)
Inferences Chart & Sample (p.18-19)
Extension Activity #1: Candy Heart Estimation (p.20-23)
Extension Activity #2: All About the Sweetheart Snatcher Writing Paper (p.24-25 �¢ï¿½ï¿½ lined & dotted-line paper included)
Extension Activity #3: Sequencing with the Sweetheart Snatcher (p.26-27)
Extension Activity #4: Candy Caper Comparison (Venn diagram to compare the Sweetheart Snatcher to The Candy Corn Bandit) (p.28)
Extension Activity #5: Craftivity Peek-over and templates (p.29-32)
Acknowledgements & TOU (p. 33)
Thank You & Contact (p.34)

* Clues will need to be placed in the following locations: classroom, teacher’s chair, tissue box, water fountain, gym, and where your student’s go when they’re ill (i.e. nurse’s office)

** This activity DOES require the usage of candy hearts – though you don’t necessarily have to have students eat them!

*** Please ask any and all questions BEFORE purchasing this pack. Thanks!!!

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