Ten handy tips to help you parent over summer break while maintaining your sanity and enjoying your kids.Live your best summer life TODAY!

How to Parent Over Summer Break

  1. Reesa says:

    When my two, older children, were young we grouped up with neighbors and hosted days at our houses. It gave several of us a time out and the children time to play in their age groups. Also,since I taught all year and home during the summer I was also the person to help watch children during the summer and during the school year their parents helped me with getting my children to their activities. It was a great way to allow my children to enjoy after school activities with their friends. (It was a plus that I have a pool, too!)

  2. Maria Gavin says:

    I love this post so much! Especially the balance between providing quality time and also giving yourself a little grace for not being perfect. Happy Summer to you and your family!!!

  3. Christy Lattimore says:

    Ha!! I gave my son a sausage/pancake on a stick this morning for breakfast and thought I was just awful and then you made me feel a little better about it. Thanks for this post! I just have one son, but he is “testing the Jesus” in me too!!

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