Celebrate Read Across America with 5 Fun Activities for the K-2 Classroom

As K-2 educators, we have the unique opportunity to cultivate a love for reading in our youngest learners. Read Across America Day, celebrated on March 2nd, provides a perfect occasion to inspire enthusiasm for reading through engaging, fun, and educational activities. I’m here to share some wonderful ideas that can make this day a memorable reading experience in your classroom. Let’s dive into crafting, creating, and celebrating the joy of reading!

Read Across America Bookworm Craft

A great way to kick off Read Across America is with a personalized bookworm craft that allows students to share their favorite books or what they enjoy reading. This activity not only fosters a love for reading but also encourages students to express their individual tastes and interests. Each student creates a colorful paper bookworm, segment by segment. They can even write on each segment with a book or genre they love.

Directed drawing and coloring sheets for Read Across America

If you would rather not do the bookworm craft, complete a directed drawing or have your students color a bookworm coloring page instead. This activity would be perfect for Read Across America morning work and is print-and-go! We all need something easy to do on such an exciting day, and this activity easily fits the bill. I love directed drawings because not only are they fun for the students, but they also help with concentration, fine motor skills, and following directions – something all K-2 students need! *BONUS* This directed drawing set includes directions and coloring pages for a ton of March themes, including: March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day, Read Across America, and more!

Directed drawing activities for March include themes for Read Across America, St. Patrick's Day, and March Maddness.

Celebrate Read Across America with Paper Crowns

Nothing says celebration quite like a crown! In honor of Read Across America, have your students create paper sentence strip crowns that they can decorate with images and words inspired by their favorite books. This activity combines creativity with literacy as students practice writing skills by writing their favorite book titles, characters, or settings onto the crowns. Once decorated, these crowns are not only a festive accessory for the day but also a statement of each child’s identity as a reader. Wearing their crowns, students can parade around the school or have a classroom march to proudly showcase their favorite stories! [Want a copy of this activity? Head over here!]

These adorable Celebrate Reading paper sentence strip crowns are perfect for Read Across America for K-2 students.

Read Across America Parent Letter

Several years ago, I crafted a note for parents to help them understand the best way to read a book with their children. This is a great reminder for teachers, too! Print a copy and pop it into their take-home folders to provide parents with some easy ways to make a read-aloud educational and engaging. If you’d like a copy of this guide, use the form at the end of this post and I’ll send it directly to your inbox!

This reading guide is a great reminder for parents and teachers about how to get the most out of a good book!

Reader’s Profile Foldable activity

For our little learners in K-2, believing they’re rockstar readers is a game changer. This belief sparks a love for reading that lights up their learning path, making every book a new adventure they’re eager to dive into. When kids see themselves as capable readers, they tackle words with gusto, building essential skills like understanding and fluency without even realizing it. It’s all about giving them the right cheers and choices in books to keep that reading flame alive.

Help your students identify themselves as readers with this simple activity that allows them create a reader’s profile. This activity includes templates that you cut, assemble and staple to make a foldable booklet. They will think about every aspect of reading – what they like to read, why they read, and book recommendations.

Use this reader's profile to help your students recognize themselves as readers during Read Across America week!

Read Across America Day is more than just an event; it’s an opportunity to instill a lifelong passion for reading in our students. By incorporating crafts, creative expression, and interactive projects, we can create an enriching environment that celebrates literacy in all its forms. Let’s make this day a stepping stone towards building confident, enthusiastic readers who are not just skilled in reading but also find joy and wonder in the pages of a book. Happy reading, educators! Let’s make this Read Across America Day one for the books! (Pun completely intended 🙂 )

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Abby is a former kindergarten and first grade teacher who channels her passion for education into creating engaging activities and resources for the kindergarten and first grade classroom. When not dreaming up or working on her next project, you’ll find her enjoying her family – most likely in her minivan on the way to a soccer field.


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