((Throw)) Back to School Activities - Babbling Abby
Join Cara and Abby for an incredible twist on your traditional back to school curriculum! This pack promises to equip you with never before seen team-building activities, icebreaker games, procedural advice, and plenty of fun to make your new school year all that and a bag of chips! Building a strong community of learners is critical to a successful school year, but even more so during the first few weeks of school as you get to know your students! These TWENTY-SIX activities, icebreakers, and games were designed to help you… Model behaviors Set expectations Establish procedures, routines, and rules Encourage team-building Facilitate friendships and camaraderie Support and encourage individuality Build and enhance teacher-student and student-student relationships We hope you LOVE all this ((THROW)) Back to School fun!

((Throw)) Back to School Activities

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