4 Ways to Practice CVC Words Including a Mystery Game

Learning to read CVC words can be fun, yet frustrating to new readers and writers. CVC words are short vowel words made up of a consonant followed by a vowel and then another consonant. These are the first words that students begin reading when they start their reading and writing fluency journey. While they can be intimidating, there are some great ways to make learning fun, like these Mystery CVC Words!

What are Mystery Words?

These mystery word cards are a fantastic way for students to practice their reading and writing fluency while working with CVC, CVCe, and 5 letter words. This set allows students to decode, blend, and read short words as they progress into more difficult words.

The Mystery Word Work Game comes with 3 different board games. One for CVC words, one for CVCe words, and another for 5 letter words that have more blends, digraphs, and vowels teams involved. The game also comes with printable letter tiles that students can use to build their words as they practice their fluency.

Students use the recording sheet to write down the word they create. There are 50 CVC cards and 40 CVCe cards, as well as an editable sheet to create your own 5 letter words.

Mystery CVC words
Here are the materials included in the CVC Mystery Word download.

How Should I Use this Game?

Using this game is simple. Just print the included cards or use what you already have in the classroom. Instead of using the printable letters, use scrabble pieces to let students create their words. They will also need a dry erase marker. I laminate my cards and game boards for durability so students can write on them.

Using the printable game board, cards, and letter tiles, students have to guess their partner’s words. Think of it sort of like hangman. Each child draws a card with their word. They keep that word hidden from their partner who guesses one letter at a time. They cross off the letter once it has been guessed and write it in the boxes if it’s part of their word.

The kids LOVE trying to guess the words and can’t quit until they have solved the mystery.

The game is perfect for kindergarten and first-grade students beginning their reading and writing journey.

Mystery CVC words
This student is writing the mystery words he has solved.

More Fun CVC Words Practice

Trying to find more amazing games and activities to use in the classroom while practicing CVC word fluency? This post has 5 Easy Ways to Practice CVC Words.

One super simple way to practice word fluency is by reading, writing, and stamping the words. These printable worksheets are easy to place in word workstations for students to use independently. If they finish the sheet quickly, have them rainbow write the words for extra practice.

CVC Words Practice
Students read, write, and then stamp the word. Have them rainbow write the words for extra practice when they are done.

Students love using fun pens and highlighters. Let them highlight short vowel words and practice writing them on the provided lines with these highlight-a-word activities. Each sheet tells students which short vowel to focus on, so they have to pay attention!

CVC Words Practice
Use fun highlighters to practice CVC words fluency in the classroom. Kids will love using fun colored pens to find short vowel words and write them on their own.

Another great way to practice CVC word fluency is to sort the different word families. Provide students with these worksheets to cut and paste based on whether they match a certain short vowel or not. I like to print mine on colorful paper to make things more interesting. Whenever I don’t use colored paper, they question me.

CVC Words Practice
Practice CVC word fluency and fine motor skills with this cut and paste activity.

Click here to learn about the two other activities you will enjoy utilizing in your classroom. Be sure to grab the Mystery CVC Word Activity as well. Kids will love practicing their short vowel word fluency using these fun and engaging activities.

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Abby is a former kindergarten and first grade teacher who channels her passion for education into creating engaging activities and resources for the kindergarten and first grade classroom. When not dreaming up or working on her next project, you’ll find her enjoying her family – most likely in her minivan on the way to a soccer field.


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