Babbling Abby’s Favorite Beauty Products

These are Babbling Abby’s favorite beauty products, most of which you can shop right from the comfort of home or find in-store at your favorite retailers. Included are recommendations for concealer, eyebrow pencil, face cloths, mascara, highlighter, eyeshadow, eye liner, contour kit, powder, and foundation. This post contains affiliate links which provide me a small commission should you choose to make a purchase. It in no way affects the price point for you, but keeps Babbling Abby up and running!

These are Babbling Abby’s favorite beauty products, most of which you can shop right from the comfort of home or find in-store at your favorite retailers. Included are recommendations for concealer, eye brow pencil, face cloths, mascara, highlighter, eyeshadow, eye liner, contour kit, powder, and foundation. #babblingabby #beautyproducts #beautyfavorites #ulta #target #amazon #concealer #mascara #eyeshadow #urbandecay #favoritefinds #favoriteproducts #eraseyourface #makeupremover #foundation


I have never been a huge fan of foundation. It’s always felt so thick and oppressive! Like I was caking my face beneath acrylic paint or something. Anyway, a few years ago, a friend from college introduced me to Beauty Counter’s Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation and I fell in love. It’s so lightweight and applies like a dream. The coverage is exactly what I was looking for without feeling excessive. The hydrating aspect provides just enough moisture for my combination skin type. I use the Linen shade. Click to shop Beauty Counter with my friend, Brooke.


After I apply foundation, I follow it up with this Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Multi-Use Concealer. Not even kidding – it makes me look like I’ve had a full eight hours worth of sleep. And, you know how crucial that is when you have little ones at home and even a full four hours is welcomed!

I have been using this for the past year, and I love the spongy applicator. Instant Age Rewind is lightweight and comes in a ton of different shades. I find myself choosing between Light 120 and Warm Light depending on the time of year and the amount of sun I’m getting. Click to shop concealer.

Setting Powder

Next up, I use NYX Hydratouch as a finishing/setting powder. I use it with a brush for sheer coverage, but you can also dampen it with a makeup sponge for medium to full coverage. Beige is my go-to shade. Click to shop powder.

Contour Kit

So, I am *not* a beauty blogger and won’t even pretend like I can contour with the best of them. I cannot. Not even close. But, this contour kit by Maybelline works just fine for the small amount of contouring I do! Ha! Literally, I follow the directions on box. I think maybe I’ve looked up a YouTube video or two. #notfancy I use the Light to Medium shade kit. Click to shop the Maybelline Master Contour Face Contouring Kit.

Micro Brow Pencil

I pretty much hopped on the eyebrow pencil train about three years ago when the rest of the world did. Let me tell you how I even purchased a set of EYEBROW STENCILS in one of my finer moments. The results were catastrophic caterpillars sitting over my eyes. I die.

A serially over-plucker in my youth (weren’t we all) has definitely left me with some spare spots. I’ve tried brow powder before and wasn’t a big fan. However, I find that I do better following my natural brow line and filling it in with this micro brow pencil by NYX. It is PERFECT and an excellent, less-expensive dupe for the Anastasia Brow Wiz line. I feel like I have better control over what I’m filling in since it’s so tiny. I use the Ash Brown shade, which matches my natural hair color best. Click to shop NYX Microbrow Pencil.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is my FAVORITE makeup to shop for! I’ve tried just about every brand, and while I do love a good drugstore find, Urban Decay’s Naked line is by far my favorite. It’s highly pigmented and doesn’t easily flake off onto my face throughout the day. Occasionally, after a long day, it might settle into my creases, but nothing that a little light finger dabbing won’t soften.

I’ve been really into their Naked Reloaded palette lately, but really the entire line is amazing. The mix of matte and sparkly shades is super fun, too! Click to shop Naked Reloaded palette.


I’m really not very picky when it comes to eyeliner pencils. As long as it glides on easily and produces a smooth line, it’s fine by me. I’ve used this Cover Girl one in Charcoal or Black Onyx many times throughout my twenty years of using makeup, and it’s pretty reputable. I also like that it’s less than five bucks. Can’t beat that! Click to shop eyeliner.


Okay, mascara is another thing I enjoy shopping for, but the past couple years I forever have Lash Paradise on hand. I have purchased several others and continuously come back to this one. It’s volumizing, lifting, and – most importantly – doesn’t flake off! No one likes racoon eyes and I don’t need to look any more tired than I already am! Historically, I’ll layer at least two mascaras, but I’ve found that I can wear this one all by itself, and don’t necessarily curl my lashes first either. I hope they never retire it! I wear the Blackest Black. Click to shop L’Oreal Lash Paradise.


So, a highlighting palette is a new add to my makeup bag, but I can honestly say that I will be keeping it around. Not only is it great for highlighting and accentuating my face, but I also use it on my inner lids as eyeshadow! This is one product where a little goes a long way, so the palette will last you forever. Click to shop Milani Rose Glow Highlighter Palette.

Makeup Cloths

I LOVE THESE. RAVE REVIEWS FROM ME!!! So, I’ve always had acne-prone skin and many flare-ups as an adult. Seriously, it was like second puberty and SO annoying. I mean, I’m in my late thirties. This should not be a thing. Having been a Cetaphil girl all my life, it was hard to wrap my mind around only using WATER to cleanse my face – especially considering a wear makeup daily.

Well. Much to my surprise, these Erase Your Face cloths have been a MAJOR game changer for me. Not only do they remove ALL OF MY MAKEUP, but I haven’t had any major acne flare-ups since I started using them about four months ago. It’s one of those things you have to try to believe. And, even if they don’t reduce that amount of acne you have, they’re money-saving and good for the environment because they’re washable and reusable. Plus, you’re not using any type of chemicals to remove your makeup. WINNING! Click to shop Erase Your Face cloths.

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Below you can shop the entire post easily. I hope you enjoyed Babbling Abby’s Favorite Beauty Products! If you end up trying anything, I’d love for you to share and tag me on Instagram @babblingabby!

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