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In my humble teaching opinion, teaching main idea to primary students has to be one of the most challenging parts of the literacy curriculum.  Pinpointing details, recognizing the most important ones, and then sorting through them to firmly grasp the author’s message is anything but easy.  Especially when you’re six!  That main idea stuff is […]

Teaching Key Details with Bubblegum!

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I read an article recently that really put a new spin on spelling. It discussed the relevancy of spelling tests and all the weekly routines associated with preparation for a Friday test.  One finding was that kids who were good at memorizing consistently scored 100% on their tests, but did not generalized correct spelling of […]

A New Spin on Spelling?

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I’m convinced you can make a theme around anything, so this week Becks and I are doing a thematic study of CORN. This may sound completely uninteresting, if not flat out boring, but CORN IS COOL, y’all. Here’s a snapshot of our week. You can click the graphics to HERE to download. Cover graphics within […]

A Thematic Study of Corn

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