A Thematic Study of Corn

I’m convinced you can make a theme around anything, so this week Becks and I are doing a thematic study of CORN.
This may sound completely uninteresting, if not flat out boring, but CORN IS COOL, y’all.
Here’s a snapshot of our week. You can click the graphics to HERE to download.
Cover graphics within are clickable.

Today, we started by reading Corn by Gail Gibbons.  I seriously love her.  She has a book for practically everything!  The illustrations are divine and the content is spot on for primary students.
We will be making a Fact File for our study of corn throughout the week, but spent today just reading it for enjoyment and for new words.  {More about that tomorrow!}
After that, it was time to explore!  I cannot tell you how much fun he had with this.  I took some Kroger-bought cornmeal, poured it in a pan, and let him go to town!

Even though sensory bins are soooooo pre-k, I think that they are invaluable in primary!  I don’t know many kiddos under the age of eight who don’t mind exploring with their hands!

Was it messy?  Absolutely! But, oh so worth it!  We left it on the kitchen table, and he returned to it throughout the day many times.

Aaaaaaand, it was the perfect segue into learning about adjectives this week!

I did a super-brief mini-lesson…

And, then it was his turn to describe me…
Afterwards, Becks did a similar (independent) activity to describe cornmeal.  I was so impressed with the adjectives he came up with.  He would even go back to the pan of cornmeal to touch and taste it to come up with them.  Love that!  We also stuck a piece of tape into the cornmeal and taped it right to the page.  {This would be perfect for a traditional classroom, too, and would give your kiddos the opportunity to have a sample of cornmeal at their fingertips to observe.}

The Adjectives All Around printable can be found HERE.

Do you take time to do your own thematic study of corn?!  I’d love to hear!

PS.  Sweet girl had her one-year check-up today and had to get FIVE shots.  Sister was asleep by 6:30pm.  However, I did snap a cute before pic when she was all smiley and giggly 😀

Happy Monday!

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