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End of the Year Reviews

Surprisingly, the end of the year is getting close! It’s time to complete those End of year Reviews with our kids. Not quite sure where…


Surprisingly, the end of the year is getting close! It’s time to complete those End of year Reviews with our kids. Not quite sure where to start and what types of assessments to do? Let me help. I have created a bunch of fun, standards-based activities you can use to assess your kids at the end of the year. Here are some for Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades. Check out the tools I use below.

End of Year Reviews

Kindergarten End of Year Resources

If you teach kindergarten and need some end-of-year review materials, here are some amazing ELA and Reading Review Activities. This NO PREP bundle is a great way to see where students are with their phonological awareness, reading, and decoding skills. You will be able to identify learning gaps and reteach skillsets as they apply to MAP, DIBELS, AIMS WEB, and more.

The review worksheets are laid out in weekly formats with 20 double-sided activities. Assign them over the course of a few weeks and by the end of the year, you’ll have all of your kids assessed as they leave the classroom. If you do one activity a day for the last 20 days of school, you will have covered everything.

Please note that this kindergarten set does NOT include math standards. It only covers reading standards at this time.

Students will also love the Digital Kindergarten Version of these review sheets! Just download and use it in Google Slides or on Seesaw. They are super easy to access and grade.

End of Year Reviews

If your kids need more practice before completing these review materials, try these Nonsense Word Centers. Place them in your word work centers for students to determine if the words are real or nonsense. It’s a fun way to practice reading!

First Grade End of Year Review Materials

Since the end of the year is hectic, sometimes it’s nice to have materials laid out that require no prep. These First Grade Review Worksheets are all planned out for you. Use them during the last 20 days of school to assess students on their Reading, Math, and ELA standards.

If you want to make things even easier, use the digital slides to assess your kids. The four sets of five worksheets are meant to assess first grade students foundational skills in both math and reading.

The math skills covered are operations and algebraic thinking, number and operations in base ten, measurement and data, and geometry. This is the only set I have that currently covers review of math!

End of Year Reviews

Looking for some benchmark materials for first grade? Try these Vowel Team worksheets in your literacy centers. They are also great for morning work or homework!

Second Grade End of Year Review Tools

Determine where your second-grade students are with their reading, writing, and spelling skills using this Second Grade Review Pack. In this pack are 20 days worth of materials to assess your students. Assign them as morning work or independent work and let students show you what they know.

The worksheets are meant to span 4 weeks, so the last 20 days leading up to reporting periods at the end of the year. The standards covered are Second Grade CCSS Reading Foundational Skills.

End of Year Reviews

Let students try their hand at handwriting and sight words using these Sight Word Worksheets. They are great for second grade centers and fast finishers. Students will appreciate the extra practice before completing their review packs.

Find out more about How To Use These Engaging Review Materials here. This goes over any materials you may need as well as alternate ways of assessing your children. It has great tips and tricks for assessments and how to prep your students before the end of the year.

Not sure if these materials are for you? Try a FREE download for your grade level from my site.


  1. I love these end of the year activities. I feel like my creativity has been tested this year with all of the COVID changes. I appreciate being able to put your activities into place and my kiddos love them! They are educational and motivating at the same time. Thank you for all you do to give other educators ideas!

  2. I love your resources and following your family! I’ve taught Kinder for 15 years and always recommend your resources to my student teachers and colleagues!

  3. Your end of the year review work is what I need! We only have 17 days left! This school year flew by so fast!

  4. These are PERFECT for the end of the year- and I love the digital version. One less thing to grade and hand back! Thanks for making such wonderful, useful and standards based materials!

  5. I want to review writing letters and numbers with my students, but I want to make it fun. Do you have a PreK level resource?

  6. I love these end of the year review packets. The kindergarten one will be perfect for me to use tutoring a kindergarten kiddo!

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