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Pirate Day and A Seuss-Inspired Mini-Unit Freebie!

Ahhhh, Pirate Day! After talking to some great friends this week, I’ve realized my biggest annoyance this year has been the lack of personalization I’ve…


Ahhhh, Pirate Day! After talking to some great friends this week, I’ve realized my biggest annoyance this year has been the lack of personalization I’ve been able to infuse into my curriculum.  It’s a combination of things, really, including a different class make-up, district mandates, and the roll out of the new standards.  That’s probably why I haven’t uploaded post after post of pictures of all the creative goings-on in my classroom…because it’s just been harder to accomplish this year.  However, this past week, I was twelve kinds of determined to do bring sexy back to the classroom!  Again πŸ™‚  Starting with Pirate Day!


I stapled a note in my students’ planners on Monday, stating that Thursday would be Dress-Like-A-Pirate Day to accompany our study of /ar/ this week in our reading series. My kids seriously looked *amazing* in their swashbuckling gear!  I probably had about 90% participation, and wish I could show you a class pic of me crew!   A little pumpkin even brought in this sassy little flag which I pinned to our ceiling tile art:


We weren’t able to accomplish everything in my Pirate Mark activity pack, but made time for the craftivity and reading and highlighting /ar/ words in the poem with a friend.

004 001

Then, it was right on to Dr. Seuss’ birthday – a great way to kick off the upcoming Read Across America Week! We read Oh The Thinks We Can Think!  – an absolutely *fantastic* story for inspiring the imagination and engaging my students.  They looooooved illustrating their visualizations as we read, and coming up with outrageous “thinks” of their own…


Afterwards, I told the kiddos that they were going to channel Dr. Seuss and write about and illustrate their own crazy “think.”  While they wrote, I passed out some brightly colored *Seuss Food* to help them think and illustrate like this very colorful author…


My Seuss Food may or may not have been remnants of our 100 Days supply for cereal necklaces πŸ˜‰


After writing and drawing our “thinks,” the kiddos assembled a Seuss-like bird found in the book.   I think they turned out precious!  And, yes, I did a LOT of pre-cutting…or they would still be assembling them at this very moment.  Just a different class πŸ™‚



If this looks like something you’d like to do with your kiddos, you can get the whole mini-unit in my TpT shop FOR FREE!  It includes seven different activities inspired by the book Oh the Thinks You Can Think!  Click on the pic below for your own copy!


Lastly, thanks for checking in on us here in KY!  Friday was *very* scary, and I raced home from school to be with Becks before the weather became tornadic.  We spent 2 hours in my inlaws basement before the storm passed, and B stayed at work north of the storm.  Fortunately, the northern part of my county was sparred, but the southern part took quite the beating πŸ™  Our custodian lost his home and both vehicles, and several casualties were reported out of that area.  Our community has pooled together quickly, and fundraisers, aid, and supplies are in abundance.  Please keep KY, IN, and OH in your prayers this week as the recovery efforts go underway. Have a great week, y’all!

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  1. Isn't it funny how one group of kiddos can be so different from other groups?
    Those of us in Oklahoma know how you are feeling. Scary whacky weather is normal in the plains. I'm glad you are ok and dodged this round. Stay safe and be careful. Thank you for the adorable freebie.
    First Grade @ Klinger Cafe

  2. So glad to hear your okay!! I can't wait to see you bring sexy back, I seriously didn't think you had lost it! Honestly you and your blog (along with a few of your friends) inspired me this year to be me and stop feeling like I had couldn't do me. I didn't bring sexy back but I did bring the glue dots and fun crafty stuff to my classroom. Getting closer to being the real me every week!
    As a side not would you consider a post on teacher wear?
    Thanks for the freebie!


  3. Glad to hear your family made it ok, the thing with blogs it opens our world up to new people ….so when you hear about certain places you check the blogs to check on your teacher friends. I am in shock at the news coverage of the IL tornado last week so of course will keep all the victims in IL and other states in our prayers! Thanks for the Seuss unit…(I am just a little Obseussed) πŸ™‚

    Set This Circus Down

  4. First off, I'm so glad you all are safe and sound. That sounds so scary! We don't have many natural disaster threats here in Oregon, so I can't even imagine.
    Thank you for another fabulous post! You have such great ideas. I can't wait to check out your pirate unit. And, what a great freebie! Thank you so much! Can't wait to use this next year!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  5. Wonderful ideas to inspire the kids.

    We watched your weather reports on television (we are in Australia). The storms looked horrific. We truly hope they don't pass your way again.

  6. Abby,
    I am now going to refer to my style of teaching as bringing sexy back thanks to you. I could not agree more that I am not a teach-out-of-a manual-and-you-will-like-it kind of girl. I need to take the information and make myself love it before I can get my students to love it. You expressed it perfectly for me. GUSH. GAH. SIGH. I am so smitten with your sexy back post that you linked. I may have to read it to myself daily to get through the parts of teaching that make me want to run for the hills. Thanks so much for posting this. There is NOTHING wrong with being cute and effective at the same time! Have a great week. So glad you are safe.
    Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

  7. Thank God you guys are OK!!!! In spite of it all, you still made this unit and are giving it to us for free!!!!!!!!! You're my hero!

    Take it easy, just find your flow and be you! You're a great inspiration for many of us!

    Besos y abrazos,


  8. I'm so glad you're all right! I'm in SE Tennessee and we were hunkered down and praying for the last part of the school day, too. Thanks for the freebie!

  9. I'm so glad you're all right! I'm in SE Tennessee and we were hunkered down and praying for the last part of the school day, too. Thanks for the freebie!

  10. Prayers to all out there! Glad you're safe. Thanks for confiming fun is important! I the the "eye" for "playing/crafting" and I go back and forth whether I should "behave". But in the end, I make sure the kids win and I take heat-it's worth it. Kids LOVE taking ownership of their work, not a worksheet. Mine recently stood up to me and said NO! You cannot keep my project for your wall, I want to put it on MINE! I SOOOOO loved them for that. They said I already had enough πŸ™‚ Thanks agin for the Seuss fun, too!

  11. Abby – love your posts…always.

    I'm gad that you and your family are safe. Good to know your community quickly worked together to help each other out.

    It is SO tough not to let the politics of education get you down. So glad you were inspired to Bring Sexy Back and keep it in your classroom. I couldn't agree more and do all I can to maintain that same level of "sexiness"… in order to keep sane. {Curriculum police can drive you off the edge!}

    Thanks for the freebie and the inspiration. Our AR unit is a bit down the road… totally doing pirate day! πŸ˜€

    You were one of the first bloggers I ever followed…your dedication to making things exciting AND educational for the kids made me so happy. A girl after my own heart! I'd love for you to come by my blog sometime and say hi.
    ❀ Dragonflies in First ❀

  12. So glad y'all are safe…my family in Birmingham has been dealing with the storms/tornadoes for weeks and it's just so sad how much devastation they leave. Saying a special prayer for your custodian…they always work so hard and are sometimes forgotten at our schools.

  13. Oh Abby! I am so sad about the storms. I lived in Cincinnati for a year in 06-07 while my hubs was an acting intern at The Playhouse in the Park. I loved our time there and am so sad to hear of the tragedies. We will be praying for your area.

    Thanks for your freebie and kindness. πŸ™‚



  14. I am so glad you are safe. I just posted a poem yesterday titled "Teach Me". I get very frustrated by focusing on a curriculum instead of the child. I would love for you to come read it. I am going to post it in my room to help me remember to teach with not just my head but also my heart.

    Blessings to you,
    Heather's Heart

  15. Love this all! You seriously make me want to teach First grade every time I read one of your post! And that's a huge jump, pre-school to first!

    So sorry to hear about your custodian, but it's such a wonderful thing when a community pools together like that! Keeping your state and neighboring ones in my prayers!


    Creating & Teaching

  16. Glad to hear that your family is safe. Prayers continue for those who suffered from all of the tornadoes that went across that part of our country.
    Thanks also for the freebie!

  17. Glad to hear you and your family were safe. We just had a tornado/crazy weather about a month ago while at school. The funnel cloud actually was right over our playground. The kids were so calm about it all and we just stayed safe in our pods. I can sympathize with what y'all are going through and pray for the families whose lives have forever been effected by the weather.

  18. Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear you and family are good. We made it through the storms here in Danville, KY. However, as you know other parts of KY did not fair as well. My kindergarten kiddos are taking up donations. πŸ™‚

  19. I love your ideas for Oh The Thinks We Can Think! Thank you so much for the freebie! I will definitely be using it next year.

    On another note, it's so nice to hear someone such as yourself talk about the grind of teaching according to district pacing guides and such. It just sucks the fun out of teaching. I wish more of TPTB realized we can mix cute and craftiness with effectiveness. πŸ™‚

    Primary Junction

  20. I'm behind in my blogging due to report cards but I just wanted to say…I feel EXACTLY the same way! My class is a challenge and my district is mandating more. This combo has left me with less energy for creating. I am SO glad to hear you and your family are okay. Having lived in tornado country I know it can be really scary! Did you tell Becks what was happening our just "play" in the basement for awhile? Thanks for the adorable shares!!
    Finally in First

  21. I'm glad you came through the tornadoes okay. My heart goes out to your custodian and his family.
    Thank you for the freebie. I also just purchased your pirate unit on TPT. I can't wait to make the pirate with the -ar words with my firsties!
    ο£Ώ Chrissy

    First Grade Found Me

  22. Okay so about your anchor charts -I love them! Do you laminate and save for reuse or pitch them and remake them every year? Just curious!

  23. I am trying to get the Oh the Thinks you Can Think on TPT but it doesn't come up. I hope I didn't miss it! I so want to do that next year.

    Kim at saylorslog.blogspot.com

  24. I'm in the same boat as these ladies I would love the Seuss Freebie. Your other stuff is great as well!

  25. Thank you for all the awesome ideas you give us so freely, Abby! Like some of the other commentators, I was hoping to download the Seuss mini-unit of TpT but I can't seem to find it. Any ideas?

  26. HI, a number of teachers seem very interested in the mini unit for Dr. Seuss, as am I. I was wondering if someone who obtained a copy would mind sharing it with us. Thanks so much.

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