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Post-Conference Caddy for Teachers!

Last week I attended Becks’ parent-teacher conference and Celebration of Learning.  It was so much fun to meet with his teacher and to see all…

Last week I attended Becks’ parent-teacher conference and Celebration of Learning.  It was so much fun to meet with his teacher and to see all of the exciting things going on in his school.  Becks has always enjoyed his teachers and school, but he absolutely adores his teacher this year.  He hangs onto every word she says, and doesn’t hesitate to spout off facts from his day or something new he’s learned from her.
Just the other day, in fact, he explained that the book he was writing at home was all about Quidditch (a game from Harry Potter) and that he was “writing to inform.”  Hilarious.  I love it.  He’s also quite taken with reading this year, which has posed a little bit of a problem.  Particularly when I’ve discovered him awake, reading by flashlight, at 10:30pm. #busted  Needless to say, we adore her just as much as he does.
Anyway, I remember what those parent-teacher conference days are like.  Mounds of paper work, lots of data collection and analysis, long hours leading up to conferences, and long days meeting with parents.  So, I decided put together a little Post-Conference Caddy to give his sweet teacher a little pick-me-up while she recovers 🙂
I purchased a black bucket, some ribbon, tissue paper and paint marker from Hobby Lobby.
Then, I shopped for several inexpensive items I’d want to have on hand while I mindlessly binge-watched Netflix in my post-conference stupor.  (I’m not saying Becks’ teacher will be left in a stupor, but I could barely form complete sentences after conferences, so I’m just assuming here.  And, I think my face was stuck in a perma-smile.  I digress.)
Once assembled, the post-conference caddy for teachers looked like this…
It probably cost around $30 total.  I put this one together by myself, but it could easily be assembled with donations of money, gift cards, or items from several students’ families.  I really wish I’d thought to throw in a gift card to a restaurant because goodness knows ordering takeout is a lot easier than orchestrating a dinner from scratch afterwards!
Becks, of course, was thrilled to take it to his teacher.  Oh, for the love of the CHEESE! smile.
Happy Tuesday!  I’d love to see pictures of your own post-conference caddy for teachers or hear how you show appreciation for educators!

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  1. Oh, lucky Mrs. Smith! What a wonderful post-conference gift! Your writing is the perfect addition–mine would not look anything appropriate for giving as a gift!

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