Center in a Minute {Kindergarten}: A CVC Words Card Game



I LOVE literacy centers! I also like simple, kid-friendly, and effective resources! Because of that, I developed a series of games that not only address the standards in a simple, easy, and kid-friendly way, but are also ink saving and require minimal preparation on your part! All straight-line cuts! Ha!

My own kiddo LOVES to play card games, particularly Go Fish and Memory. These games are easy to learn and have just enough competition to make them fun! Thus, each Center in a Minute has two playing options (Go Fish and Memory), incorporates a Phonological Awareness/Phonics skill and includes 10 follow-up Exit Slips to ensure that students are grasping the skill. See? Easy AND effective!

These centers can be used in a variety of settings and can be played independently among students OR with teacher-direction. Including them in literacy centers or RTI would be perfect!

Be sure to check out the downloadable PREVIEW to see the standard covered, directions for play, and samples of cards and exit slips included.

If you like this resource, you can purchase a BUNDLE that includes ALL Center in a Minute {Kindergarten} or purchase them individually. Follow the links below:

Center in a Minute {Kindergarten} BUNDLE

Center in a Minute: A CVC Word Card Game

Center in a Minute: An Initial Sound Card Game

Center in a Minute: A Medial Sound Card Game

Center in a Minute: A Final Sound Card Game

Center in a Minute: A Rhyming Word Card Game

Center in a Minute: An Onset & Rime Card Game

Center in a Minute: A Syllabication Card Game


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