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Looking for a strategic yet fun way to practice CVCe words with your students? Check out this set of Color Paths CVCe Word activities that are a basic and effective way for students to practice spelling CVCe words. Each color path starts with a picture, followed by a set of segments and a single ‘e’. Students color one letter in each segment + e to build the word in order. Then, they write the word using the letters that they colored in. Lastly, they use one word in a sentence.

Who is this activity for?

This activity works well for students who are proficient at segmenting and have strong letter-sound correspondence in kindergarten and first grade and are ready to practice Sneaky E words. It would also benefit students who are learning English as a second language or those students who need remediation in second grade.

Why is this activity effective?

Because it guides the student to choose from a set of letters along the path, which helps them put their segmenting to use and reminds them to add the ‘e’ at the end. They can use these visual letter prompts to help them narrow down the sounds they hear. It also provides a visual for letter formation.

What materials are needed?

  • Printable worksheets
  • Crayons
  • Pencils

What is included?

There are 25 CVCe Word Color Path worksheets included with four picture prompts per page.  Each page has a greyscale picture key located in the bottom right corner.

When can I use this activity?

You can use this activity for morning work, small group, literacy centers, ELA stations, homework, intervention and more!


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