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What is this resource?
This is a set of 6 different word work activities ideal for independent literacy centers. The activities remain the same for all other sets in this series, so that your students can familiarize themselves with the expectations for each activity over time, thereby developing consistency and independence.

What word patterns are covered?
This set focuses on R-Controlled Vowels word patterns: AR, ER, IR, OR, and UR.

What activities are included?
Please view the preview to see photographs of each activity.

Activity 1: Word Mat + Recording Sheet
Activity 2: Highlight-a-Word
Activity 3: Word Sort Cut-n-Paste
Activity 4: Read, Write, Stamp
Activity 5: Little Book of Words (trace and illustrate)
Activity 6: Real Word and Nonsense “silly” Word Sort Foldable

Where can I purchase the other sets in this series?
This set IS part of the Word Work Bundle, so if you own that set, please do not purchase this one OR if you have previously downloaded the sets individually.

Here are the links to the sets currently available, individually and bundled:

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Who created this resource?
This resource was designed by W. Abby Mullins, a former kindergarten and first grade teacher and mother of three, who most recently was an interventionist in a Title I school. She designed this resource with her first graders in mind so that they would have the ability to work on words in an engaging manner that lent itself to independency during literacy centers or rotations.


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