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Dino Centers {Dinosaur Math and Literacy Centers}



This prehistoric pack is filled with math and literacy centers perfect for your 7-9th month first graders! {You could also use it for beginning of the year 2nd graders OR advanced kindergartners, of course.}

Please ask any and all questions BEFORE purchasing the pack. At the present time, the pack is not editable for specific requests (unless you find a typo!).

12 centers total, including…

Literacy Centers:
– Dinosaur Descriptions (read sentence & match to pic)
– Stone Age Parts of Speech (sort nouns, verbs, adjectives)
– Prehistoric Punctuation (sort asking, telling, and exclamatory sentences)
– Dino-Rhyme (matching pairs of rhyming words; each word starts with blend)
– Ancient ABC Order (alphabetizing)
– I Love Dinosaur Books (reading center response sheet)
– Lined and lined/dotted story paper for writing center (use words from ABC order)

Math Centers:
– Mesozoic Measurement (measuring dinos – you choose the unit)
– Dino Dice (roll a die and add to a number 20-40)
– Stone Age Story Problems Mini-book (+ and -; #s less than 20)
– Missing Numbers (use a 120s chart to find the missing number)
– Back in Time (hour and half hour)
– Dinosaur Dig (graphing)


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