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Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas by Natasha Yim



What is this resource?
This is a focused read-aloud companion pack for the book Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas by Natasha Yim. The purpose of this resource is to provide teachers and students with a structured focus on vocabulary, text-based higher-level questions, comprehension, and ELA-based skills through an authentic and engaging children’s literature.

What is included?
This resource includes a combination of ELA posters, Vocabulary Word Cards and definitions, Text-Based Questions, Writing Prompts, Collaborative Poster Templates and 3 Differentiated Comprehension Checks.

What Common Core Standards are covered?
Kindergarten – RL.K.1 | RL.K.2 | RL.K.9
First Grade – RL.1.1 | RL.1.2 | RL.1.9
Second Grade – RL.2.1 | RL.2.2 | RL.2.9

Where can I preview a sample of this resource?
Click PREVIEW to see the types of resources and activities included in this pack. PLEASE NOTE: the preview shows the format for ALL books in the Let’s Read series and shows the types of activities included. The specifics change according to the content and standards addressed by each book.

What ELA skills are addressed?
The focus of this particular pack is: ask and answer questions about key details in text; summarize; compare/contrast two versions of the same story.

Who created this resource?
Abby Mullins, also known as Babbling Abby, is a former kindergarten and first grade teacher who most recently was an interventionist in a Title I school. She holds a BA in both psychology and elementary education, along with an MA in teacher leadership. She loves creating engaging experiences for students, collaborating with passionate educators, and bringing her creativity and enthusiasm to classrooms across the globe through curriculum and resource development. Abby also blogs at Babbling Abby where she shares here ideas, activities, and her love of education.


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