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Kinesthetic Alphabet: Movement Based Learning



What is this resource?
This is a VIDEO file (.mov) that shows an alphabet poster that shares the letter, picture and picture name. While each poster is shown, a sound bit says the letter, letter sound and names the picture (i.e. “A/a/apple”). While these posters are shown, the students perform a specific, repetitive movement:

Say letter – put hands on head

Say sound – put hands on shoulder

Say picture name – touch toes

What is included?
2.5 minute video in .mov file (please make sure you can play this file before purchasing a how-to guide to share with children when teaching them what to do

Where can I preview a sample of this resource?
Click PREVIEW to see the how-to guide.

What standards are addressed?

Recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

Who created this resource?
Abby Mullins, also known as Babbling Abby, is a former kindergarten and first grade teacher who most recently was an interventionist in a Title I school. She holds a BA in both psychology and elementary education, along with an MA in teacher leadership. She loves creating engaging experiences for students, collaborating with passionate educators, and bringing her creativity and enthusiasm to classrooms across the globe through curriculum and resource development. Abby also blogs at Babbling Abby where she shares here ideas, activities, and her love of education.


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