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Letters from the Alphabet



Who doesn’t love to get mail?

Well, as long as it’s not junk mail or bills, right?!

Letters from the Alphabet (total pun intended) is a FUN and ENGAGING way to help your kiddos get to know the letters of the alphabet a little better.

There are 26 different letters (custom-made for each letter of the alphabet) that can individually be delivered to your students each day. You can opt to have your class receive the letters OR you can address each letter to a specific student (my preference – because getting a personalized piece of mail is SO fun!).

In addition to the letter, I’ve included several different pieces that can be added to the envelope to make this activity hands-on and engaging for your students. The whole class will benefit from the experience and will look forward to the day they get the notice: You’ve Got Mail!!!!

As always, use this resource as you wish! Use the suggestions I provide or opt to put your own spin on it!

Happy Teaching!

Babbling Abby 🙂

PS. Please see the preview for a better view of what’s included!


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