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Teach Me Tags: Alphabet + Picture



You can purchase this set as part of the Teach Me Tags: Preschool/Pre-K Bundle!

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Teach Me Tags were designed as a tool to assist in teaching and learning a variety of educational skills in an easy-to-use, flashcard-style format. They are inexpensive to make, easy to assemble, and stay organized on a metal or plastic ring for simple storage.

Are you a teacher?
Teach Me Tags can be used in a variety of settings for a multitude of purposes (see What can I do with this set of Teach Me Tags). From individual use, to small group support, to whole group activities, they’re the perfect tool to reinforce the intended skill or standard and easy to incorporate into your existing curriculum.

Are you a parent?
Teach Me Tags are perfect for reinforcing skills at home or providing additional practice in an easy-to-understand format for both parent and child. They are simple enough for you to use with your child before bed or in between practices, leave with a child care provider to encourage additional practice, or allow siblings to work with one other. (See What can I do with this set of Teach Me Tags? for practice suggestions!)


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