Super Fun End of the School Year Activities

Let’s check out these three super fun end of the school year activities! They’re the perfect mix of educational and FUN! These activities include fun things to do with balloons, bubble gum and bubbles.

After you’ve taught every standard and assessed every skill, it’s time for a little FUN. That’s where this End of the Year Activity Pack for Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade comes in handy! Even though it’s standards-based, it’s an engaging and fun way to end the school year. Each activity is considerably more enjoyable than completing a boring old worksheet packet or busy work coloring page. Plus, they promise to keep your students’ attention, which will help them stay on task and prevent negative behaviors. I promise, your kids will LOVE these, and you will, too!

This End of the Year Activity Pack for Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade contains three different engaging activities that are perfectly suitable to incorporate into your year at any point in time, but super helpful when you’re in the homestretch! Each activity includes directions for two activities or extensions.

3 Super Fun End of the School Year Activities

These activities are great to incorporate into Fun Friday, schedule changes due to testing, field trips, or assemblies, when you have a sub or really any time of year!

They include:

1. Yum! Yum! What’s your favorite flavored gum? (math and writing with chewing gum)

2. Balloon People (art and creative writing with balloons)

3. Simply Sudsy (science observations with bubbles)

Yum! Yum! What’s your favorite flavored gum?


  • Packages of spicy, minty, and sweet gum (enough for your class to try each flavor)
  • Activity Sheets included in this pack
  • Crayons, markers, pencils, or other writing material
  • Chart paper to do class graph on (optional)


Give students three flavors of gum to try: spicy, minty and sweet. They collect date from their peers to determine what the class favorite is and graph their responses using the wrappers from their favorite pieces of gum.


As an extension, students can write nouns, verbs, and adjectives associated with their experience and then use those words to help them respond to the writing prompts included.

Balloon People Creative Writing


  • Colorful balloons (enough for your class)
  • Decorative face cut-outs (found in this pack) OR you can purchase make-a-face stickers OR you can give kids construction paper and let them be creative!
  • Tape and/or glue
  • Class set of feet base
  • Class set of 12-15” lengths of string (to attach to top of balloons with tape, so they can “stand” upright
  • Activity sheets found in this pack

Activity 1:

Students create balloon people using the included templates. Then, they complete the booklet to tell about their balloon person. Lastly, the students can share their balloon booklets with the class.

Activity 2:

Students create balloon people using the included templates. Next, they partner with another students and create a dialogue between the balloons. Lastly, they record the conversation and share it with the class.

Simply Sudsy Activity with Bubbles


  • Bubbles (enough for several activities!)
  • Bubble “tools” – wand, sock/cup/rubber band, straws/rubber band/plate (or any other tool you decide to use to make bubbles). Keep in mind that the wands can be shared, but the other tools should not since the students put their mouths directly on them while blowing. These tools would be GREAT to make and take home as a summer send off, along with a bottle of bubbles, too! The Dollar Tree usually sells 3-packs for $1
  • Activity pages from this pack

Activity 1:

Each student creates bubble blowers using straws and a sock. (You can find picture samples within the pack – they are SUPER easy to create!) Then, they blow bubbles using a regular wand, the straw blower, and the sock blower. As they are making bubbles, they observe how the bubbles are created, the size of the bubbles, and the quantity of bubbles with each blower. Lastly, they will record their observation.

Activity 2:

Give all students a copy of Sudsy Survey and an individual bottle of bubbles with a wand (usually included). This is an independent activity that should be done outside on a pretty day. As an extension, you could graph the students responses to the survey – if not, they’ll have fun nonetheless!

I hope you enjoyed reading about these super fun end of the school year activities for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. Besides being fun, they are educational and enriching. They will help you be mindful of the end of the year madness, while keeping your students engaged and on task. You can find them HERE for by clicking the graphic below.

Other End of the Year Activities

If you’re looking for other activities to do with your students at the end of the school year, here are a few of my top recommendations…

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Abby is a former kindergarten and first grade teacher who channels her passion for education into creating engaging activities and resources for the kindergarten and first grade classroom. When not dreaming up or working on her next project, you’ll find her enjoying her family – most likely in her minivan on the way to a soccer field.


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