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Teaching R-Controlled Vowels

Ahoy, mateys!  This post discusses how I’m teaching R-controlled vowels. Today we learned the /ar/ sound with Pirate Mark! We started off reading about Pirate…

Ahoy, mateys!  This post discusses how I’m teaching R-controlled vowels. Today we learned the /ar/ sound with Pirate Mark!
We started off reading about Pirate Mark and his love of chocolate bars.  And I can take zero credit for the sweet story about this little character.  Honestly, I was having a major brain fart {sorry, just had to throw in that ar word that surprisingly *none* of my students have mentioned this week!} and recruited my little sister, Aubrea, to help me out.  Literally, I called her at 9:30pm one night and said, Aubs, I need to come up with a poem about a pirate named Mark, incorporate the word chocolate bar, and lots of “ar” words.  Also, I need it in about 20 minutes.  And, bless her heart, she pulled through for me!
Afterwards, I introduced the “ar” word treasure hunt activity.  Before the students arrived at school, I hid 16 word “ar” word cards throughout the building in places that the students frequent (i.e. hallway and classroom).  I directed the students’ attention to the large treasure map I made, and told the students that it was their job to find the hidden words, read them to me, and then add them to the dots on the treasure map.  Of course, they immediately found the ones hidden in the room and couldn’t wait to line up for restroom break so they could look for more!  The students found all but the very last word, which I’d given to our assistant principal earlier in the morning.  She came in with the last word {to much applause} and then chose a student to guess where the treasure was hidden in our room.  The treasure?  Candy bars!  In a real treasure chest!  {Forgot to take a pic! Darn!}
We also practiced writing /ar/ar words and completed this little pirate art project.  I LOVE the way they turned out!
Arcitits, anyone? Ha!  It’s supposed to say “architect!”
I absolutely loved teaching r-controlled vowels because this activity was so much fun! There are other activities included in the 30+ page printable you can purchase at TpT for $5.00! Click HERE to purchase πŸ™‚
And, to add to the pirate effect and give my kids an all-day visual of the /ar/ sound, I made a shirt to wear as part of my pirate garb.
Mrs. H, my fab friend and the special edu. teacher who works with my room, also took one for the team and dressed up in the most hilarious pirate costume!  Love it!
This isn’t the first shirt I’ve made for a school-related theme, but they are easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy to make!
First, you need buy a tee and iron-on transfer printer paper.  I bought my tees in the men’s section – 3 for $6.50 (or $4.00 if you find an already opened package like I did!} and the iron-on paper is from Michaels for about 8 bucks.
Next, design your image.  I like using Word, so I made my image there.  Make sure it is big enough for your tee.  {If you’d like to make an “aaargh!” shirt, click HERE for the design I used.}  Then, load up your transfer paper in your printer and follow the directions on the package of transfer paper for printing.  *Make sure your print using the “mirror image” option so that when you iron it, it will print the right direction!*
Then, cut your image down to size, fit on your tee, and iron on the side you did not print on.  Again, just follow the directions on the package of transfer paper.
Wait a few minutes, peel the backing away, and voila! you’ve made a personalized tee πŸ™‚
Do you like where I wrote my personal notes for the day?
This was the best “aaargh!” post I could come up with!  Also, it was class picture day.  And I totally rocked the pigtails.  Oops!
Happy Hump Day, me mateys!

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  1. I LOVE this unit! I bought it BEFORE school today and we were on day to of AR so we read the cute pirate story and I threw together the map – I changed it some and had them make their own and read the story and find the ar words to put on their maps. I am about to post it on my blog because they are so cute! It is Babbling Abby week in my class because we did our Popcorn Adj. and Mystery Box Inferring too! My students love your ideas (they think "I" am so creative. shhh, don't tell them any differently!) I think you are awesome and oh so talented. Keep those great units coming!
    Mrs. Saylor’s Log

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