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Winter Science Activities for Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade!

Hello, friends!  Can you believe Christmas Break is *finally* here?! I’ll pause for a moment while you give yourself a big ol’ pat on the…


Instead of spending hours upon hours planning math, ELA, and science, grab a copy of The Science of January!  This all-inclusive science resource includes activities for four themes: snow, winter, ice, and animals in winter! It includes cross-curricular activities and extensions for each theme making lesson planning simple and easy!

Hello, friends!  Can you believe Christmas Break is *finally* here?! I’ll pause for a moment while you give yourself a big ol’ pat on the back (or grab another sip of that Christmas cocktail you’re enjoying) for finishing the first half of the school year strong!  You probably Polar Expressed yourself right out the door yesterday with tinsel on your heels and nary a thought about planning for the first of the new year.  Which is totally acceptable.

However, if you find yourself kinda thinking about the first of the year, Cara and I have been busy prepping for a fun and science-filled January that we wanted to share with you in plenty of time to incorporate it into your January plans.

Cara says it best: Science is SO very important and yet it seems like there’s just not enough time in the school day to do it all.  I mean, isn’t science the first thing that always takes a backseat when we’re furiously trying to reach all the math and ELA standards…and testing!!!!….we’re required to teach and test?!  But really, the kids LOVE science don’t they?!  They love to investigate and experiment.  They love non-fiction texts.  They love applying what they know and what they’ve learned and we have to be able to give them opportunities to do that.  But what happens when we don’t have any…or many…resources to work with?!  And how exactly can we carry over our knowledge about science into ELA and Math?

This was the very premise behind The Science of January.  Though Cara is miles away in Texas and I’m enjoying unseasonably warm Texas-like weather up here in Kentucky, we approached this resource full of winter science activities as if we were teammates, collaborating on monthly science plans.  We tried to think of everything you could possibly need to make science work in your classroom.  Because we get it – when there’s barely enough time to teach math and ELA, how on earth can you stretch your day to include another necessary and important (but often forgotten) subject?

That’s why The Science of January includes a multitude of cross-curricular connections that make it easy to incorporate these winter science activities into your already packed schedule.  This pacing guide shows you exactly what you can expect for each week.  While detailed lesson plans are included should you be able to set apart specific time to teach science, you don’t have to use all of it!  Think of it as an activity buffet – indulge as much or as little as you want 🙂


For example, these nonfiction readers could be easily incorporated into your ELA block, along with the rich vocabulary found within.


Follow it up with one (or many!) of the follow-up vocabulary activities offered throughout each week…


Then, there’s the science investigations!  SO FUN!  These are the activities that will get your kiddos thinking, interested, and EXCITED about science.  Each investigation is simple enough to be done in kindergarten, but thought-provoking enough for your first or second graders.


And, if you want to extend it beyond that, Cara and I have offered plenty of opportunities to incorporate these themes into math, ELA, and art.  Can’t beat it!!!!




So, if you’re feeling inspired to get ahead for the first of the year, check out The Science of January!  JanuaryScienceBLOG

Happy Christmas Break!

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