Alphabet Hide and Seek

Alphabet Hide and Seek is a simple and fun way to review the alphabet with your child or student. Grab the free printable to use with this literacy activity!

As a certified K-5 educator who taught kindergarten and first grade, I am sharing what we are doing in our home to stay on top of curriculum while quarantined at home. Of course, you can use them anytime of year in the home or classroom, too!

Alphabet Hide and Seek is a simple and fun way to review the alphabet with your child or student. Grab the free printable to use with this literacy activity!

Fine Motor Art Project

To complete this activity, you’ll need:  

We started the day with a fun art project that we saw floating around during the pandemic. People posted hearts in their windows so that passersby could spot them while out getting fresh air during the quarantine. Just a sweet way to show solidarity during an otherwise stressful time.

It was a great activity for us to do and practice those fine motor skills at the same time!

Scrap paper hearts are a great activity for preschoolers and lets them practice those fine motor skills at the same time!

The kiddos each had a heart template and pasted small squares of colored paper to it. Using a glue stick, plus using those finger muscles to pick up small pieces of paper was a good way to squeeze in some fine motor work.

Completed scrap paper heart activity for preschool.

Additionally, their favorite part of this little project was probably watching the hearts run through the laminator! It was a totally unnecessary step, but it was so sweet to watch their interest.

Kids are fascinated by seeing their artwork being preserved in a laminator.

Alphabet Hide and Seek

To complete this activity, you’ll need: 

If you read this post last week, you know that I love using sticky notes! They’re such versatile little slips of paper 😉 After writing all the uppercase letters on sticky notes using a black marker, I gave them to the kids to hide around our family room.

Kids hiding post-it note letters to prep for my free Alphabet Hide-and-Seek activity.

Next, it was time to play alphabet hide and seek! They had to find a sticky note (one at a time), locate the letter on their recording sheets, and dot it with a dauber. Then, they could go find another one.

Kids completing one of my free Alphabet Hide-and-Seek activity sheets.

Once they’d collected and dotted all of the letters, they exchanged their stacks of notes. They went through the pile, matching the stickies to the letters on their page and dotted them until their entire page of letters was covered. After they read a letter, they crumpled the sticky and put it into a bowl so that we can use them for a future activity.

Kids completing one of my free Alphabet Hide-and-Seek activity sheets.

Letter of the Week: Ww

To complete this activity, you’ll need: 

I introduced the letter Ww and we made a circle chart. We named several things that begin with Ww and drew pictures of them on the chart for reference throughout the week.

There's nothing quite as fun as practicing writing Ws in an impromptu salt tray!

They LOVED drawing with their fingers in my makeshift salt trays. Getting them to practice writing Ws was EASY using them. Novelty is a great motivator! We wrapped up this part of our morning with some handwriting practice, and a little candy incentive…which is also a great motivator 😉

Let your kiddos practice writing Ws with this fun writing worksheet.

Sight Word Work: the

To complete this activity, you’ll need: 

Last week, we worked on the sight word a and this week, we’re moving onto the. After introducing the word, we spelled it aloud and highlighted the in a minibook.

Many have asked if I have a complete set of sight word mini books. I do not! I’m just making these as we learn them, so it’s just a work in progress.

Preschoolers using this free mini book about the sight word "the" - snag your copy!

Math Work

To complete this activity, you’ll need: 

We are doing some number review since we’re approaching the end of the school year. Today, we worked on the number one. The kids completed a simple dotting activity to differentiate the numeral one from other numerals.

Using a dotting activity to identify the numeral one from other numbers.

The math page pictured above is part of an entire early numeracy curriculum with multiple activities to use with each number.

If you have students struggling with number sense, this comprehensive math intervention curriculum can be a great addition to your RTI or small group time! This resource can be used in so many different ways. It was initially designed with kindergarten RTI in mind, specifically to meet the needs of students struggling with number sense. Additionally, it could be used to support your numeracy instruction in pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, within a small group, for ESL/ELL students, or for remediation in second grade.

Math Toolkit

If you find yourself needing some very basic math  materials, I offer a Free Number Sense Toolkit that might be very helpful. It includes five and ten frames, subitizing cards, and more!

Grab this FREE number sense toolkit that includes a five frame, a ten frame, number cards 0-20, and a set of ten frame cards 0-10. Simply stash them in a gallon sized baggie, clear plastic sleeve, or dry erase pocket for simple storage and organization. They're perfect for small or whole group math activities in kindergarten, first grade, and second grade classrooms!

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Abby is a former kindergarten and first grade teacher who channels her passion for education into creating engaging activities and resources for the kindergarten and first grade classroom. When not dreaming up or working on her next project, you’ll find her enjoying her family – most likely in her minivan on the way to a soccer field.


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Hi, I'm Abby

Hi, I’m Abby! Thanks for stopping by. I love supporting kindergarten and first grade teachers with engaging, skill-based activities that are easy to use in their classrooms. Let me help you be the best teacher you can be!
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