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If your students LOVE nonfiction, then they will absolutely eat up a thematic study of BATS! These little creatures have lots to offer your curriculum, from life cycle to echolocation to special features and abilities. I love to make class posters for whatever theme I might be doing. This gives my students a chance to […]

Bat Activities for Primary Students!

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Hey, y’all! Just wanted to pop in for a quick second on this busy Wednesday to show you all this fun little directed drawing activity. It’s SUPER simple, requires very little skill, AND can be made using only six letters from the alphabet!  Best news? You can snag the FREE directions in my TpT shop […]

Bat Directed Drawing

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Bats, Fall, Halloween, holiday, Lesson Plans, Science

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Happy October, y’all! So, a bazillion things to share and not near enough time.  Where on earth did I get the idea that being a stay-at-home-work-at-home-teacher-mom *might* be a little easier?  Ha! Notsomuch.  Someone commented recently and said that homeschooling is more of a routine as opposed to a schedule.  Sooooooo true.  We do school everyday, but […]

Catch Up: Fact or Fiction, Making 10, Word Work, and More!

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