Color Word Adjective Activity

Color Word Adjective Activity
Through our reading series we have been studying color words as adjectives this week.  Again, I don’t really have anything against Treasures, but I really feel like first graders need a lot more than pencil and paper work to understand something!  {PS.  Anyone else with 1st Grade Treasures please tell me why they do inventors/inventions TWICE…and a month apart from each other?!  Grrrrrr!}
Okay, so I started by explaining that there are many shades of colors, as evidenced by a box of 96 count crayons and how much more exciting we can make our writing when we use awesome color adjectives as opposed to plain old “red,” “blue,” “yellow,” etc.

For the color word adjective activity, I pre-made a whole group graphic organizer and labeled the 6 main colors on it.  I then asked the students to help me sort some of the color names I found inside the big box of crayons.  {Ahead of time, I’d already chosen the shades I wanted to use and set those crayons aside, along with a set of stickers to name each color.}  As I called out the color name (i.e. cornflower, wisteria, mango tango, etc.), the students had to guess what color it was a shade of.  Then, the student who guessed correctly stuck the sticker on the chart and colored in the sticker with the crayon.

Afterwards we completed a writing activity – the students colored in the crayon in the picture box and then labeled it (with stickers I’d made), drew a picture using that color, and then wrote a sentence using the color name.  {I will admit, this was a little difficult even after modeling it.  When I do it again next year, I might have them do it as I model it on my document projector step-by-step.}  However, they still turned out pretty cute!
Looooove this one!  If you can’t read it, it says, I laid in the sun and my skin turned atomic tangerine!  Ha!
If you’re interested in the worksheet, click the picture below 🙂
You’ll have to download the stickers separately HERE and HERE.  The larger stickers I used on the big chart were geared for my specific lessons using the 18 colors I chose.  The smaller stickers I used for the worksheet are the colors I chose, plus many other unique colors from the box of 96.  {Also, you don’t have to use them as stickers!  You could always just print them out on regular old paper and glue them on :)}
* * * * *
In other news, our school’s Energy Team put on an “energy” week and each class was to come up with a project made from recycled materials.  I gave my kididdles complete control of our project (with the exception of assisting them with some hot glue gunning) and they made a “futuristic space car.”  My favorite part is the flag, complete with a Diet Coke – because one of my students thought that represented me best!  Ha!

There were many super cutie projects around school.  Here are some of them…

And, lastly, if you saw sweet Cara’s recent post, then you fell in love with her large dice made from recycled tissue boxes!  How cute are they?!  Well, I just so happened to find some perfectly square mini-tissue boxes for sale in the Target Dollar Spot tonight perfect for Cara’s idea!

Just to show you the size difference.

TGIalmostF!!!!  {That is one of my FAVORITE things to type since it means the weekend is one school day away!!!!}

PS.  How stinkin’ cute was The Office proposal tonight?!  Not gonna lie – I was crying!  Totally pumped for Will Ferrell as the new boss though!!!

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