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Kindergarten Intervention and Letter Sounds RTI Curriculum for Learning Alphabet



Whether you have students struggling with letter sound correspondence, or simply need a time saving curriculum to help you teach letter sound association in small groups, this best selling intervention curriculum promises to deliver. It was initially designed with kindergarten RTI in mind, specifically to meet the needs of students struggling with letter-sound correspondence. However, teachers use it to support reading readiness in pre-K or K, for small group letter work activities, for ESL/ELL students, or for remediation in first grade. It’s incredibly versatile, low prep, and has proven results – just look at the ratings and reviews to see!

Common Core Standard addressed:


Demonstrate basic knowledge of letter-sound correspondences by producing the primary or most frequent sound for each consonant.

Each activity provides students an opportunity to reinforce these reading readiness skills. I’ve also provided a suggestion for organization, a sample lesson plan, and an option to help you keep data!

***Please note that this packet focuses only on beginning sounds and the sound most commonly made by the letter (as stated by the standard). Only short vowel sounds are covered.***

There are 7 activities for each letter that are described in detail (with pictures) in the pack:
1. Focus Letter Mat (vowels in red, consonants in blue, each focus mat contains the upper- and lowercase letter and 3 labeled pictures that begin with the sound)
2. Sound Warm Up (letter-sound correspondence fluency)
3. Sound Off (student generated beginning sound word list)
4. Letter Sound Pictures (6 pictures for each letter with the first letter omitted; only 4 for X)
5. Check Yourself (student self-assessment; saying picture name and identifying whether or not it begins with the focus letter)
6. Listen Up (discriminating between words that begin with the focus letter and those that don’t)
7. Letter-Sound Assessment (cumulative assessment over learned skills)

Thanks so much for your purchase and I hope you and your students benefit from this pack!

{This pack is only editable in the event of error. Thanks so much!}

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