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Kindergarten and First Grade Math Intervention Activities for Numbers RTI



This resource was designed to help kindergarten and first grade students developing number sense. It will help them recognize, identify, and write numbers, as well as practice counting quantities of objects 0-20. It is easy to prep for use as a basic introductions to numbers curriculum or intervention. Some teachers choose to focus on numbers 1-10 before moving onto numbers 0-20.

It was initially designed with kindergarten RTI in mind, specifically to meet the needs of students struggling with number recognition. Additionally, it could be used to support your numeracy instruction in pre-K or K, for small group activities, for ESL/ELL students, or for remediation in first grade. Of course, please use it to best meet the needs of your students!

Each activity provides students an opportunity to reinforce these numeracy skills. I’ve also provided a suggestion for organization, a sample lesson plan, and an option to help you keep data!

Thanks so much for your purchase and I hope you and your students benefit from this pack!

For the numbers 0-20, you will find each of the following activities…

1. Focus Number Page

2. Flash Cards (number, rectangular array, number word, pictorial representation)

3. Number ID activity

4. Read numerals

5. Read number words

6. Write numerals and number words

7. Show What You Know (assessment, one on a page)

8. Highlight-a-Number

9. Show What You Know (same assessment, two on a page)

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