Big Smelly Bear Video Read-Aloud & Activities

Are you looking for Big Smelly Bear video read-aloud and activities to use alongside the book? Read on! These are perfect for preschool & kindergarten.

Your children or students will love watching the story come to life, in addition to completing several thematic activities.

Please note: I am sharing a lot of activities! I would not expect to do all of them on one day, but to spread them out over the course of a bear-themed unit.

All of it together is also perfect for celebrating Read Across America Day. And if you’d like to find additional lesson plans for PreK-1 like this one, be sure to check out and download my free reading activities for picture books!

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Big Smelly Bear by Britta Teckentrup

Big Smelly Bear tells the story of a stinky bear who refuses to take a bath. This not only causes him to have an itch he can’t scratch, but he also doesn’t have any friends! Thankfully, a fluffy bear befriends him and helps him change his smelly fate.

Big Smelly Bear Video Read-Aloud & Activities for PreK through kindergarten!

You can purchase Big Smelly Bear HERE or by clicking on the cover below.

Big Smelly Bear Video Read-Aloud

I filmed a video reading of Big Smelly Bear for you to share with your students in the event that you cannot access a copy. You can play the video for your students in class! For distance learning, share the video link with them directly or in any virtual classroom setting.

Your children or students will love watching the story come to life, in addition to completing several of the following thematic activities! 

Free Big Smelly Bear video read-aloud & activities for preschool and kindergarten.

Big Smelly Bear Activities

Since I used these at home with my own children (preschoolers), most of these activities are geared toward the 6-and-under crowd. However, there are a few things you could use in first and second grade.

A completed directed drawing activity for the book, Big Smelly Bear.

Bear Directed Drawing and Artwork

This book and character are the perfect subjects for drawing to strengthen finger grip and the ability to follow directions!

Supplies You’ll Need for this Activity:

Drawing paper



Black marker or black Sharpie

Ink pad (black) or washable black maker



The first day we read this story, I had my little ones color in the big smelly bear coloring page and then we made fingerprint flies buzzing all around him.

If you don’t have an inkpad on hand, do what we did and use washable black marker to coat your pointer finger. Apply pressure to the paper and add a few loops for wings! They turned out pretty cute!

Step-by-step directed drawing activity for a bear illustration.

I also did a step-by-step directed drawing of a bear. This is a VERY easy drawing, and is simple enough for beginner drawers to try.

Directed drawing bear activity.

After I traced their drawings in thick, black marker, they cut them out (fine motor work!). SO proud! Benny decided a tie-dye bear would be a good choice since it is all the rage right now. I definitely approve.

Bear-themed alphabet cards in upper and lowercase.

Uppercase and Lowercase Matching

You can practice upper- and lowercase matching any way you like, but it’s always fun to throw in some thematic alphabet cards, if you ask me.

For this activity, you’ll need a printed set of the bear alphabet cards and scissors or a paper cutter to separate them.

First, I had them identify and name the upper- and lowercase letters. Then, I laid out the uppercase alphabet in order and they helped match the lowercase letters.

Bear-shaped cookies - a kitchen activity to pair with the book, Big Smelly Bear.

Bear-Shaped Cookies

I’m all about incorporating baking into our homeschool activities! I used a generic oatmeal cookie recipe to create the dough, and then modeled how to create the bear. They followed suit and created their own bear-shaped cookies.

Surprisingly, they turned out tasty and cute! And, I had more than my fair share of dough and warm cookies after.

Sorting by size activity for preschool.

Ordering Objects Small to Large

Because the Big Smelly Bear tried to scratch his itch unsuccessfully himself, he eventually resorted to using the trunk of a tree to try to do the trick. So, what did we do as a spin-off? We went bark collecting! I though this was a great opportunity to practice sorting by size.

Sorting by size activity for preschool.
A visual clue on sorting by size activity for preschool.

I sent them into our yard (which backs up to woods), and they collected a big ol’ box of tree bark. Your students could simply collect sticks if bark isn’t available. 

Big brother helped them organize it from small to large, and even used the Adidas logo to illustrate! (I thought that was pretty dang clever!) It was a fun way to get outside, move around, and practice a skill. 

A super simple bear-themed activity to practice counting out quantities and filling a ten frame.

Bear Ten Frame Activity

This is a super simple bear-themed activity to practice counting out quantities and filling a ten frame.

Supplies You’ll Need for this Activity:

Drawing paper



Black marker or black Sharpie

Ink pad (black) or washable black maker



 First, we sorted all of our bear counters by color.

Sorting counting bears by color.

Then, using the spinner from this post, the kids took turns spinning and counting out the correct quantity of bears.

A bear-themed activity to use with the book, Big Smelly Bear: filling a ten frame.

I usually give them a set number of times that we’ll be filling the frame, so they don’t think this activity is going to last forever 😉

Bear-themed flashcards to create number lines and match with ten frames.

Matching Numbers to Quantities

For this activity, you’ll need printed copies of the bear number flashcards (with numerals and with the ten frames).

This is another ten frame activity, though it uses flashcards instead. We created a number line from 0-10 and then counted the dots in the frame. Next, we matched the numbers to quantities.

Printable roll and color activity to pair with the book, Big Smelly Bear.

Roll and Count Bear Game

There are so many great math opportunities that can be paired with Big Smelly Bear! Like this roll-and-color bear game.

Supplies You’ll Need for this Activity:

Printed copies of the bear roll & color activity page

One die



Before playing this game, I had each kiddo color in the bears at the bottom of the graph so that they would know which color word went with the color.

Big Smelly Bear printable roll and color game.

Then, they took turns rolling the die and racing to be the first to have an entire column colored in. If you are a pre-k or kindergarten teacher, this is a GREAT game for teaching color identification and recognition, counting, and following directions. They will have to sustain their attention for at least ten minutes while they fill the column, so it’s a good beginner game to introduce (I’m thinking beginning of the year center work!).

Big Smelly Bear activity: a sorting task to boost higher level thinking skills.

Bears and Not Bears

This is a simple sorting task that requires some higher level thinking skills, too! 

Supplies You’ll Need:

Printed copies of the bear & not bear activity pages

Printed copies of the description cards

Scissors or paper cutter


I printed out BEARS and NOT BEARS pages, along with pre-cut descriptions. Then, I read each word and we decided whether or not it could be used to describe a bear or not. To take it a step further, we talked about other animals that would fit the feature instead.

A simple strip puzzle to use with the children's picture book, Big Smelly Bear.

Simple Bear Puzzle

My kids LOVE these simple strip puzzles, and they’ve actually improved so much in assembling them. 

Supplies You’ll Need for this Activity:

Printed copies of the bear puzzle template

Scissors or paper cutter


I print out a grey-scale template and then they have to manipulate pre-cut pieces (or they can cut them out themselves) to put together the picture.

You can find more of these FREE simple puzzles by clicking HERE!

Need some fun review games for your preschooler or kindergartener? Check out this post that has five free printable games to use for math and reading activities. Practice uppercase and lowercase letter recognition, recognizing number to 30, subitizing, letter sounds and memory! All FREE to use with kids ages 6 and under for in school, home school, or distance learning. #free #printables #math #ELA #reading #alphabet #memory #letterrecognition #bingo #games #educationalgames #babblingabby

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Big Smelly Bear Activities Day One

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