Free Pre-K Worksheets, Puzzles and Games

Bookmark this awesome list of free Pre-K worksheets, puzzles, and games to engage the 6-and-under crowd at home or in the classroom!

The activities in this post are great to use while in your homeschool, classroom, or digital learning program. As a certified K-5 educator who taught kindergarten and first grade, I am sharing what we did in our home to stay on top of curriculum while quarantined at home. Of course, you can use them anytime of year in the home or classroom, too!

PLEASE NOTE: Life is busy as a work-at-home / stay-at-home/ homeschooling mama right now, so my directions here will be brief! Please follow me on Instagram @babblingabby where I will be sharing my daily activities and saving them in a story highlight!

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Bookmark this awesome list of free Pre-K worksheets, puzzles, and games to engage the 6-and-under crowd at home or in the classroom!

Chalk Art Project: Letter W

We are working on the letter Ww this week, so we decided to do a fun (and a tad messy) chalk art project. The good news is, it takes only seconds to wipe up a chalk mess off of a smooth surface! Promise!

Materials You’ll Need For This Activity: 

For a chalk art project (Letter W): First, tape off the letter.


Step One:  Tape off the letter you wish to make.

For a chalk art project (Letter W): Second, color in all the black areas with chalk.

Step Two: Color in all the black areas with chalk. 

Students can use one color or different colors for each black area. They can even layer and swirl them. Ombré, anyone?

For a chalk art project (Letter W): Color in all the black areas with chalk.

Make sure you don’t leave any spot uncovered!

For a chalk art project (Letter W): Lastly, remove the tape.

Step Three: Very slowly, peel off the tape. Voilá! What’s left is the letter you taped off!

Free Pre-K Activity: color work through simple matching activities.

Color Work

We started working on color work yesterday with a simple matching activity where we matched colored raindrops to a colored cloud.

Materials You’ll Need For These Activities: 


Today, we followed up that activity by matching color words and colors. This was a bit more challenging since they don’t know how to read yet, so I put the color names above the rainbow arc.

Color work through simple matching activity of matching raindrops with rainbows.

I decided we’d focus on RED for the remainder of the week, so we did a little activity sheet, too.

Color red activity sheet for preschool and kindergarten.



Both of these activities are part of a bigger color-themed resource that includes multiple activities (including the rainbow arcs) and all colors. Purchase Color Me Kindergarten.

Color-themed resource for preschool and kindergarten: Color Me Kindergarten.

ABC Hide-n-Seek with Food Labels

Free Pre-K Activity: ABC Hide-n-Seek with Food Labels activity.

Next, we finished up the ABC Hide-n-Seek activity we started yesterday. When they sat down to work, they knew just what to do. #proudmom I explained how this activity works in this post, which is also where you’ll find the printable.

Free Pre-K Activity: Simple strip puzzles.

Simple Puzzles

After working on simple puzzles yesterday, I knew that they needed some more practice with this skill. I don’t think puzzles get enough credit, but they’re so great for teaching problem-solving skills, logic, and visual acuity,

Materials You’ll Need For These Activities: 


Instead of just giving them the puzzle strips alone to piece together, I pasted a grayscale template to a piece of construction paper. This served as a guide to help them match the pieces in the correct sequence. However, they still had to manipulate them so that they matched, so it still wasn’t super easy.

I also let them choose their own pictures today, and taking ownership of an activity is always motivating!

Preschool and kindergarten STEM Activities with Food Containers.

STEM Activities with Food Containers

This was by far their favorite activity today, so take note: I bet your kids would love it, too! But first, you need to accumulate several (8-10) plastic containers that can easily be stacked (i.e. formula containers, plastic protein jars, coffee cans, etc. ).

Materials You’ll Need For These Activities: 

  • empty containers of different sizes
STEM Activities with Food Containers: matching lids to containers.


FIRST, take the lids off and have them match the lids. We had a variety of snap and twist lids, which require different fine motor skills to put back on their containers.

STEM Activities with Food Containers: arranging containers from small to large.

SECOND, they arranged the containers from small to large. This took a little help from me since some of the container size differences were subtle.

But, we worked through it and I showed them how to tell which one was bigger/smaller. Faith was feeling very accomplished.

STEM Activities with Food Containers: ordering from big to small.

THIRD, I asked them to make a stack of ALL of the containers. I loved seeing them fail and quickly realize the original plan was not going to work.

STEM Activities with Food Containers: stacking containers.

In the end, they had a tower of container that stood on its own!

STEM Activities with Food Containers: building towers.

LASTLY, and probably why they enjoyed this so much, was because I told them to take turns rebuilding and knocking it down. THEY LOVED THIS. And, of course, it was hysterical to observe the different “styles” of knocking down they’d try each time. (Tip: take a video in slow motion. SO FUNNY!)

Using incentives to finish out the school day.

Sight Word Sentence Builder

After so much fun, it took some intense motivation to finish out the day. Insert: Cheez-Its.

Materials You’ll Need For These Activities: 

Using desktop pocket charts to teach sight word activities.

We’ve been working on the word THE, so their job was to repeat and read the sentence. Tomorrow, I will cut the sentence apart and we will rebuild it and read them together. Such a simple way to make good use of one activity! DOWNLOAD ‘THE’ SENTENCE BUILDER

This intervention curriculum is the perfect program to implement with students who struggle with letter identification. Teachers love this Common Core Standards-based program that focuses on letter identification and recognition in a simple, easy-to-follow format that has proven itself through student success. There are several activities for each letter of the alphabet, with picture samples for easy reference. It's easily stored in a binder to keep your small group time organized and efficient. Though recommended as an intervention for kindergarten and first grade, it could easily be used in preschool and second grade, too. It's also great for ELL and ESL students and a definite must-have for teachers, interventionists, and Title I and reading teachers alike!

Need more?

If you’re a parent or teacher looking to do more at home or your classroom, you might enjoy this set of activities! I hope you’ll use these free pre-k worksheets, puzzles, games and activities in your home or classroom.

If you do something at home or in your classroom, please share it by tagging me @babblingabby on Instagram!

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Abby is a former kindergarten and first grade teacher who channels her passion for education into creating engaging activities and resources for the kindergarten and first grade classroom. When not dreaming up or working on her next project, you’ll find her enjoying her family – most likely in her minivan on the way to a soccer field.


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